Surface Ring 360°

VRS-ACC-SFR-SAS | 8809582393898

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Surface Ring 360° from VRS Design

Surface Ring 360 by VRS Design 

Designed for the perfect compatibility, the Surface Ring 360 is crafted to make your mobile phone secure with metal ring grip. Prevent you from falling while texting, taking photo, playing game.  Surface Ring 360° will be the must have accessory for any smartphone you want to protect



- Stand by laying your mobile phone on a flat surface

- 360° degree rotation and 180° flip fold can adjust your viewing angle freely

- Protect from falling and the danger of theft



- Slim, Compact, and lightweight improve portability

- Simple design keep your mobile device original feature

- Dust can be removed easily with water cleaning



- Easy to attach, easy to remove 

- Few sticky residue can be cleaned easily by rubbing alcohol

- Compatible with any mobile device

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