Damda Wallet Case Glide Pastel (Solid Back)

TDWG-PLN-GRY-LMD | 8809582394635

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VRS Design | Damda Wallet Glide Plain Solid



Model G-Type G501

- Comes in the original, smooth style or the ridged, waved style.

- Features a semi-automatic sliding door that enables easy access to the storage compartment, which can carry 5-6 cards.

- Features a convenient strap hole to attach charms, lanyards, and key chains.



The D. Wallet features a RFID Boosting and Block Card, to enhance the protection of credit cards from identity theft and sensitive information, as well as to increase recognition of proximity cards such as keycards and transit cards.

The two sides of the Card have distinct features:

The Boosting Side strengthens outgoing RFID signals to allow more efficient scanning of proximity cards such as keycards and transit cards.

The Blocking Side disrupts incoming RFID scanning, shielding your credit cards from theft of sensitive and personal information.

To utilize the RFID Boosting and Block Card, place the cards and the function you want activated on the front of the card.


The Package includes:

Damda Wallet of Your Choice

RFID Blocking/Boosting Card

Slim PU Leather Pouch

Neck Strap



Weight: 1.94 oz

Dimensions: 4.6 x 2.7 x 0.5”

Materials: Poly carbonate & Thermoplastic polyurethane



Weight: 0.16 oz

Dimensions: 2.1 x 0.1 x 3.4”

Sheet Size: 2 x 3.4”

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