Hello Google Pixel 4

Hello Google Pixel 4

 In this technologically driven age, it seems that consumers are seeing new phones being released almost every month of the year. The advancements seen in the mobile phone industry has been exponential and nobody could have seen it coming earlier in this decade.

This past month, Google released the highly anticipated Pixel 4 in response to Apple’s iPhone 11/11 Pro series and Samsung’s revolutionary Folder as well as their new flagship releases. Let’s check out what Google has done with the new Pixel series and see if it is worth the investment as a new phone.

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Google’s direction with the design of the new Pixel 4’s was surprisingly simplistic almost boring to be completely honest. They seemed to have gotten rid of the matte plate on the back of previous Pixel models and have opted to go with a glass screen as well as glass back. However, the cliché phrase “less is more” comes to mind. The new ergonomic design seems to echo the core of Google’s brands and values. It is also no surprise that Google has gotten rid of the camera notch that was previously displayed in the Pixel 3 series choosing to increase the size of the top bezel allowing for hardware that allows the implementation of “Motion Sense” and “Face Unlock”
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Like other companies, Google has chosen to increase their display sizes from their previous flagship series. It should also be noted that they have increased the refresh rate of their displays from 60 Hz to 90 Hz to provide a much smoother everyday experience. The new flagship models both also have a dual rear camera with a similar housing to the iPhone 11/11pro series and have decided to ditch the single sensor that was present in the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. It is safe to say that the impressive camera has not taken a downgrade as opposed to the previous model. However, the implementation of the new display as well as other hardware features does not come with sacrifices as battery life for the new Pixel 4 series is reported to be disappointing and does not show much improvement from the Pixel 3 series. Therefore, if battery life is not a big concern, the new Pixel 4 series is most definitely a mobile phone that deserves your attention at price points of $799 for the Pixel 4 and $899 for the Pixel 4 XL.
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