All new Samsung Galaxy S23 BEGINS

All new Samsung Galaxy S23 BEGINS

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series

 It’s still early 2023 and things are already starting to look exciting now that we’ve got an in depth look at the new and highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S23 series. From its manufacturing assisting our ecosystem to its revolutionary camera potential, the S23 is setting its own standards in spectacular fashion. The main highlight, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, will be hitting the shelves at $1299.99 (before taxes and service discounts) in Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green, and Burgundy.

General Performance
  The Samsung Galaxy S23 series will be introducing a special piece of technology this time around: Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. This powerful chip is a customized variant of the standard version designed specifically for the Galaxy S23 series. It will demonstrate faster and smoother performance than the previous S22 series, which came with the first-generation chip. Naturally, such powerful technology would be very demanding on the device. Thankfully, not only will the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 be more optimized for efficient battery drainage, the S23 series will be coming with larger built-in vapor chambers for its cooling system (on top of a 200mAh increase in battery capacity for S23 and S23+). Although they’ll be sticking with the usual 45W fast chargers again, battery drainage and overheating will not be an issue—even in our cases!

Eco-Friendly Production
For all our environmentally aware fans out there, we’re happy to relay that the production of the Samsung Galaxy S23 devices will be utilizing materials recycled from heavily polluted areas. This includes fishing nets, water bottles and barrels, aluminum and so on. This means that, in our phone cases, you’ll be carrying a truly eco-friendly device!

Camera Features
  The main attraction of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: the 200MP Camera. This camera boasts a whopping 200 million pixels which you can use to take pictures that can be printed in poster size! As if this isn’t impressive already, Samsung introduced the new “adaptive tetra-squared pixel sensor,” which brings the Samsung Pixel series’ 2 x 2 pixel-grouping to 4 x 4. With more pixels to absorb light, photos taken in poorly lit areas will be more defined. This, paired with improved AI (auto focus) and a 6.8 inch QHD OLED screen with 3088 x 1400 pixels (better graphics than the iPhone 14), makes the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra a media-powerhouse. Renowned Hollywood directors are already filming with these!
  Imagine owning one of these devices and dropping them. To drop and break a Hollywood-worthy camera would be absolutely mortifying to say the least. Luckily, our cases feature raised edges around the camera to provide extra protection and eliminate any chance of shock reaching the lenses should you ever drop your phone. With devices like the S23 series, you don’t need us to tell you our cases are a necessity.


Icing on the Cake
The S Pen is also coming back with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and it looks like the screen, although still featuring a slight curvature along the edges, will be a lot flatter this time. Previous Samsung fans have experienced a bit of discomfort around the edges due to these curves. This time around, however, it seems that will no longer be an issue. Another issue fans had was the raised plating around the camera lenses of previous Galaxy devices. While it may have provided some form of structural protection, not only was it unsightly but also proved to be a hindrance dimensionally. This choice in design has also been dropped. The amount of optimization and refinement is truly astonishing. Our cases have also seen some slight optimizations and adjustments and our screen protectors will now be easier to apply! It’s a match made in the galaxy. Use the link below to see for yourself!



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