Galaxy Buds2 Pro / Buds 2 / Buds Pro / Buds live Case Terra Guard Ultimate


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  • Perfect combination of rugged Polycarbonate and flexible TPU offers a versatile and heavy duty protection from hard drops, scratches and contamination.

  • The Terra Guard Ultimate series not only offers a quality look, but also sophisticatedly optimized for a perfect grip to your hand with durable protection all around.

  • Precisely cutout charging port guarantees a luxurious final touch with easy recharging as well.

  • Keep your Galaxy Buds Pro 2 safe and well with the Terra Guard Ultimate Series by VRS Design.

  • Includes a complimentary Carabiner to increase daily portability.


  • Device Galaxy Buds2 Pro / Buds 2 / Buds Pro / Buds live
    Material TPU, PC