Apple AirPods Max still in Doubt?

Apple AirPods Max still in Doubt?

The new Apple’s AirPods Max | Worth it?

Apple has announced its last new product of the year, AirPods Max.
As soon as AirPods Max was released, people’s reaction to the headphone has varied greatly; most of them are criticizing the product. The surprising price of $549 and the unfamiliar design was the issue. Here at VRS Design, we will further review the new Apple AirPods Max.
Everything from the headband to the ear cup design, and the ear cushion material is new. The canopy in the middle of the headband is made of knit mesh material for breathability and fit.
It made the headphones exclusive, but great to wear. It is said that the weight of the body is dispersed using a material that is more wide, softer, and elastic than other headphone headbands. This was made to keep the headphone lightweight and portable.
Those who wear over-ear headphones frequently prefer lightweight products, but Apple AirPods Max approached completely opposite. It weighs 13.6 ounces (384.8g), which is more than 100g compared to other over-ear headphones. With unusually heavier weight, this is a big letdown for many consumers.
However, the evaluation of performance is mostly critical.
On the contrary, consumers have high expectations for ANC performance. A total of nine microphones are integrated into the headphone for perfect active noise cancellation.
AirPods Max also utilizes spatial acoustics with dynamic head position tracking to provide an immersive sound experience.
Battery life is up to 20 hours in ANC enable mode. It is much shorter than other products. The components are simple. Smart case that saves battery power, lighting to USB-C cable, and instructions. AirPods Max supports cable connection, but the customer has to buy them separately.
Keep in mind, the headphone is $549, which is well over most people’s budget.
Many people have claimed scratches and damage for daily use.
To keep your AirPods Max protected, we introduce the new AirPods Max Active case.



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