VRS Design proudly announce the latest Smile Again Campaign update. 
First of all, we sincerely thank you for your heartfelt participation all over the world. Your purchase advocated us to bring an impact to those who are struggling with mental illness. 
As we have promised, 10% of the entire purchase using code SMILEAGAIN15 was donated on March 30th 2020. 
Mental illness is a very prevalent and debilitating disorder in today’s society that affects millions of people all over the world. As an individual who has suffered from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) as well as depression especially during the pandemic. 
With that being said, we would like to continuously accommodate those that are suffering from mental illnesses and in light of the pandemic around the world, 
The team at VRS Design thought that there would be no greater honor than to give to NAMI in hopes to help enlighten others about the impact of the devastating mental disorders that affect millions of people just here in the United States.
You can now make a huge impact just by using the promo code: SMILEAGAIN30
Save yourself 30% and we donate 10% to help those who are in need!
We will continue the annual “Smile Again” Campaign in which you will receive 30% off entire order, and we will be donating the 10%  on every sale that our customers will be receiving until the end of the next quarter to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.
Hop on to make a difference with VRS 

Huge thanks to those participated! 

Julie from Minnesota 

Chris from Illinois

Brian from New Jersey

Noah from Florida

Jennifer from Utah

Christopher from Florida

Brandon from California

Linda from California

Mo from Arizona

Eugene from South Carolina

Mark from New York

Loretta from Georgia

Karina from Texas

Keri from Pennsylvania

Malik from Mississippi

Chris from North Carolina

Jeff from Arizona

Lila from Washington

Danielle from Ohio

Sandra from Florida

Charles from California

Cassidy from New Jersey

Jesse from New York

Ana from Georgia

Kathy from Missouri

Thomas from New Hampshire

Sanyo from Wisconsin

Brett from Maryland

Allison from Louisiana

Josue from Texas

Pam from North Carolina

Mary from California

David from California

Joe from Tennessee

Robert from Colorado

Jorge from New Mexico

Laura from Ohio

Kelly from Texas

Elizeu from Puerto Rico

Nubia from Virginia

Melissa from Arkansas

Diana from Kentucky

Donna from Washington

Peter from Florida

Reese from North Carolina 

Todd from California

and the rest of the many participants!

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