Is buying a wireless charger really worth it?

Is buying a wireless charger really worth it?

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Come today, the wireless chargers are quickly becoming our future. They are generally more expensive than regular cable chargers, so let’s find out why. It is not just because of lesser wires, there’s a whole lot more to it.
Is wireless charging bad for your smartphone?
Although the debate will continue, one of the most widely known misconceptions is that wireless chargers damage your phone battery. However, charging a phone with or without cable is already bad for your phone. According to experts, it is bad to keep your phone fully charged all the time. Therefore, it ultimately depends on how you use it. But with more smartphones with wireless compatibility, there are evidently more advantages of using wireless chargers going forward.
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What to expect from a wireless charger
How many electronic devices do we carry around every day? We hardly see anyone just carrying a cellphone itself. Ever since the Apple introduced Air Pods, it became the next biggest EDC for all consumers. But at the end of the day, they all need to be charged. Imagine all the cords and cables lying tangled on your desk. With wireless charging pad, there is absolutely no mess created on your desk or your nightstand. It has become not just a trend but a necessity for all minimalist
Not only that, wireless chargers have become safer without using cords. They keep probing for devices in the vicinity and only upon verifying that a compatible device is near them, they will start charging.

But the best feature about wireless charger is durability. With wear and tear, the wired-charging cables worn out and ports can lead to short circuits. We end up buying new cords every now and then. However, with wireless chargers, all your concern with wears and tears are resolved. In long term, Wireless chargers are more economically efficient than wired-charging cables.
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Just like any other products, there are negative features for wireless chargers. However, there are so many pros such as convenience, style, and durability, and you wonder why wireless charging is becoming the next biggest trend for the coming year. 
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