Can the Pixel 3 Stand Next To iPhone XS and Galaxy Note 9?

Apple and Samsung are the top two companies when it comes to the smartphone race. There have been many competitors who tried to mimic or try different approaches to go head to head with the two giants and many have come close. But there was always one company who had a steady following and was always on the heels of the iPhone and the Galaxy. Enter Google and its Pixel 3/3XL. 

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One of the biggest uses of any phone today is taking good pictures. From the first camera phone in 2000 (Sharp J-SH04), taking pictures have evolved from just a shoot and point to selfies with filters. And it’s a bummer, especially at night if there is an awesome shot to be taken but the dark shadows make it harder to snap. The Pixel 3/3XL’s Night Sight feature helps take pictures at night by having the shutter take in the light for a few seconds before actually taking the picture.   

And where do they all go once it’s taken? Google allows Pixel users with UNLIMITED photo backups.  Now when it is up against the iCloud, would you want to pay to keep them stored or have Google do it for you (as long as it’s in the original picture format) for free? And yes, it also works for your important files or videos!

Google’s phones are not known for their battery life. Even with wireless charging now available (Pixel Stand), it may get you through the day but that is only if you rarely use it for streaming. It is indeed better than the Pixel 2 but not close to the iPhone, which is around 13-15 hours (based on video playing time) depending on the model. And as for the Note 9, it towers above its competitors at 19 hours.

When it comes to pricing, phones get more and more expensive with each new model. The cheapest iPhone XS is starting at $999.99 and the cheapest Note 9 is also $999.99. Sure, the price of the Pixel 3 is a small breath of air, but just barely. It starts at $799.99 and goes up $100 with extra storage.

In conclusion, since Google has made Pixels 3/3XL more for taking photos, consumers cannot get upset if there are some flaws. It was designed for camera usage and their Pixel 3/3XL has the best camera in the market today. So, does the Pixel 3/3XL stand next to the iPhone XS? Remember the Amazon Fire? The Xiamoi Redmi 4? Exactly.  


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