We did it fans! Making the difference in 2020!

VRS Design proudly announce the latest Smile Again Campaign update.  
We all have been fighting to survive through this horrendous Pandemic.
We sincerely thank all of our supporters, customers, fans for their love and participation with VRS Design. You have not only brought a tremendous impact to our tech case company but together, we have made a big difference to the world. 
As a global leading Apple iPhone & Samsung Galaxy Smartphone case company, we proudly announce another donation made to NAMI.
Just like we have been fighting against the Pandemic,
They have been fighting mental illness for much longer time.
Mental illness is a very prevalent and debilitating disorder in today’s society that affects millions of people all over the world. As an individual who has suffered from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) as well as depression especially during the pandemic. 
The team at VRS Design thought that there would be no greater honor than to give to NAMI in hopes to help enlighten others about the impact of the devastating mental disorders that affect millions of people just here in the United States.
As we have promised, 10% of the entire purchase using code SMILEAGAIN30 on all Apple iPhone case, Samsung Galaxy Case, AirPods 1 & 2 AirPods Pro, Galaxy Buds Live case Z Fold 2, Layered Dandy, Damda Glide Pro series, Damda Quickstand series, Crystal mixx Pro, etc were donated on November 3rd, 2020. 
We will continuously accommodate those that are suffering from mental illnesses, in light of the pandemic around the world,  
It would have not been possible if it wasn't for your love and support for our Damda Glide Pro series. They have truly made a difference in your life and the life of others! See what made them our best sellers!
Starting November 14th, we will resume the SMILEAGAIN Campaign again.
You can now make a huge impact just by using the promo code: SMILEAGAIN30
Save yourself 30% and we donate 10% to help those who are in need!
We will continue the annual “Smile Again” Campaign in which you will receive 30% off entire order, and we will be donating the 10% on every sale that our custom
Hop on to make a difference with VRS Design!


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