VRS Design Apple AirPods Giveaway Winner!

VRS Design Apple AirPods Giveaway Winner!

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VRS Design | Giveaway Event Announcement
Thank you to everyone who participated in our Apple AirPods Giveaway! We are overwhelmed with gratitude that people took the time to enter and also share with their friends! We are only in this business because of you, the customers. To show our appreciation, we will continue to do more giveaways with more gifts, and want more people to participate for a chance to win! 
First Place - Apple AirPods
Second Place - $50 Sephora Gift Card
@jnm4444     @peachesncream887     @kelly_hanley_311

 Third Place - $10 Starbucks Gift Card

@teeanderson01    @Mortensen_Michelle     @Sanper01     @Marygula

@Matthewgeorgiapettyjohn     @J_spencer21     @maria.jholguin

@tfairy22     @orangepin75     @nativegirlusa 


Fourth Place - 25% Off Next Purchase
An email will be sent to the participants email address with the 25% off code
*The code does not apply to our Accessories



Thank you for participating in our VRS Giveaway.
Come back again for our next giveaway coming soon!
Remember to tell your family and friends to give them a chance to win!


1 comment

Felix Tertulien
Felix Tertulien

I’m very happy to hear that, ,VRS is the best and number one ,great service.

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