You won't believe how Gross your Phone is!

You won't believe how Gross your Phone is!

Dirtier than a toilet seat? Ew, that’s just gross.

 It’s easy to say that our smartphones have become such an integral part of our lives.

From the first moment you open your eyes to the last where you shut them to go to sleep, our phones are never more than a few inches away from us (unless you accidentally leave it at home, which is nothing less than a devastating tragedy.

So the question that arises is: Just how gross are our beloved devices?


1. The Inconvenient Truth

  • 25,107 bacteria per square inch compared to 1,201 on a toilet seat [1]
  • Experts state that Bacteria continues to pile on as the use of the phones is passed on person to person, and when not properly sanitized, bacteria builds up and continues to grow. [1]
  • Warm environments help germs and bacteria thrive as smartphones not only generate their own heat, but also from your own body heat such as your hands and from your pockets. [2]

2. What You Should Do Now

  • Using a disinfectant wipe or solution to clean your phone as frequently as you can.
  • Washing your hands after eating, going to the restroom.
  • Avoid using your phone in high-risk areas like in the bathroom on the toilet, at the dinner table while you’re eating, crowded public places like the airport and restaurants.

     3. Final thoughts

    Although these facts are eye-opening and may trigger your gag-reflex, It’s really not something to overly concern yourself with. I mean, we touch communal door handles on the daily, occupy close spaces with thousands of people at once, and no reports of smartphone-induced outbreak have been reported (as far as I know..)

     Our phones are not deadly, just unexpectedly gross!



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