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Upon our first words exchanged with Bryn Newman, the name of both an American contemporary abstract artist and her grand collaborative project with VRS Design, we were unaware of just how grandiose her plans and undertakings really were. Living in Sydney, Australia, Bryn is humble yet friendly and inspirational.
Recently, Bryn, the artist collaborator brought many of her characters to life on custom smartphone cases with VRS Design. She explained that the concept of what is quickly turning into a masterpiece, is to foster an art collaboration through nature.
Learn more about our artist collaborator, Bryn, in our Q&A Below!
VRS Design | Bryn Collaboration
  1. Hi, can you tell us your name and age and where you live?


Hi there! I am Bryn Newman, I am 25 years old and live in Sydney, Australia!


  1. How did you get into Abstract Art?


Good question, it took awhile for me to get to where I am. My mother is a portrait artist, so I grew up painting and drawing in her upstairs art studio. As much as I tried, portraiture was not my thing. I was very creative and could express myself in a very illustrative way, but realism just never clicked.


I studied studio art at University of Colorado and still hadn’t discovered my passion for abstract art.


When I lived in San Francisco, I stopped my art practice entirely to focus on my job at a fashion startup and my personal style blog.


It wasn’t until moving to Australia that I finally discovered my love for creating abstract art. Having the time to be alone, to discover myself and my passions, made me realise how important art was to me and I had lost in getting caught in the busy trap that is life and working full time.


Funny note: my mom struggles work in abstract expressionism, though her realism art is incredible and I am the opposite. There is something about having the ability to let go of control to be an abstract artist and the focus to be in complete control to do realism.


VRS Design | Bryn Collaboration
  1. After working, how do you relax?


I try to do some sort of exercise! Rock climbing, yoga, gym. Then when I get home I typically rinse my room in palo santo and turn on my aromatherapy diffuser. I either watch netflix or if I am being behaved I draw, journal or write poetry.


  1. Do you have any hobbies?


Too many actually! I am currently focused on uncovering my higher consciousness. It involves trying to do more meditation (though I believe art is a form of meditation) and loads of podcasts and reading.


  1. What are your goals for 2019?


  • Create a consistent, joyful and thoughtful morning routine.


  • Listen more! Practice active listening, to my body, to others, to my intuition.


  • Follow my curiosities with discipline to uncover my passions and purpose in life.


  • Floss


  • Have an art show at an esteemed gallery in Sydney.


  1. Any advice for starting Artists?


Create for YOU. Not to make money, not to make a career. Create to help your mind and soul feel joyful. I recently read a quote that I think you should always keep in mind, “Art is love made visible.”  By creating, you are creating healing energy, closure and whatever love your subconscious needs, through art. If your soul calls to you through creative endeavours, just make!



VRS Design announce the first collaboration with American Contemporary abstract artist, Bryn Newman. Check out the Prizes below. And grab a chance to win our Giveaway Event about Collaboration with Bryn.

*7 Winners will be selected. Good luck!*


VRS Design | Collaboration with Bryn - Numbers

-Crystal Chrome for iPhone Xs Max (Clearx2)

-Crystal Bumper for iPhone Xs Max (Satin Silver/Metallic Black)

-New Damda Glide Series for iPhone Xs/ X (White)

-Crystal Bumper Series for iPhone Xs/ X (Rose Gold/Metallic Black)


Eligible to age 18 or older and of the legal age of majority. Void where prohibited. The Giveaway ends on February 7 2019 at 11:59PM PT. By participating in the Giveaway, you agree to these official rule, so carefully review before participating.

Bryn Newman X VRS Design | Collaboration Case Giveaway - iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max


 Visit @Brynnewman

 More about Brynnewman


Giveaway Machine
Giveaway Machine

These are really some beautiful works very unique to your styling. I saw you where running a giveaway and I though you might be interested in listed it on my site at GiveawayMachine.com I will be launching it on the 15th of Feb. Those first few giveaways listed will be getting maximum exposure when we launch.


Awesome collection

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