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OMG! Should I get the iPhone XS/XS Max or the XR?

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Now that Apple has released all of their new models for the year, the one question that is bothering everyone is which model should I get? Let’s run down the points. First and foremost is to check the price and specifications.


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XS – 64GB/$999, 256GB/$1149, 512GB/$1349
XS Max - 64GB/$1099, 256GB/$1249, 512GB/$1449
XR – 64GB/$749, 128GB/$799, 256GB/$899

Now unless you’re a business man traveling for work, no one really needs a 512GB model. If anything, most of the space is taken up by saving goofy pictures and old emails and texts. XR is perfect for today’s kids and young adults who don’t want to spend too much money and still have a decent amount of space on their phone and the rest of their treasured pictures on the iCloud.

While the XR has plenty of space, people will be glad to hear about the battery life. Sending emails, streaming movies, and just overall use of the phone, battery life is crucial, not just for the phone but the user’s daily tasks as well. On a single charge, the XR can be used up to 16.5 hours. It’s an improvement from last year’s iPhone 8 that lasts up to 15 hours. Keep that in mind. The XS and XS Max can last up to 14.5 hours. So that shows that the iPhone 8 had more battery life than XS and XS Max. The only thing that beats the 8 is the XR. It has the longest running battery to date.

For the real techy stuff, only photographers and hardcore iPhone fans care about the camera and processor specifications. Not much difference in that area since they are almost identical. The only difference is in the cameras. The XR doesn’t have the telephoto zoom. But come on, who really knows how to use zoom in an artistic way. And who knows what the A12 processor does? In short, it’s the brain of the iPhone. And all you need to know that it’s the same for XR, XS, and XS Max. 

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iPhones started out in one color, then white and black. Over time they added special colors like gold, rose gold and even red to bring awareness for AIDS. XS and XS Max only have three colors. But I’m glad they put their efforts into making six colors for the XR to choose from instead of the limited colors the other models come in. As for size, XS Max is biggest. But the XR is slightly smaller by a few millimeters.  The only thing the XS has over XR is the pixel density, but who is going to sit and count to see who has the most pixels?

Of course this is only a comparison between the new models. But if you need a lower priced but a powerful iPhone that can compete with the XS, then the XR is there for you. With the holidays around the corner, don’t you want to save a little bit of money on phones?


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Real cute advertisement for simple minded folks, who ordinarily don’t have $745 plus tax to fork over for an i phone XR.

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