Phone Insurance: Is it Worth that Extra Cash?

Phone Insurance: Is it Worth that Extra Cash?

Cell Phone insurance follows the same blueprint that health insurance follows: you pay a monthly payment of a certain amount, regardless of whether you’re using the service or not, and then you pay a deductible when you actually have something that needs to be fixed or replaced. We’ve compiled the information provided by all mobile insurance providers to accurately gauge just how much can go into fixing and replacing your device, and if we think it’s worth the cost.

Device Manufacturer plans, such as AppleCare+ and Samsung Premium Care, add another year to the standard one-year warranty plan that already comes with the new device. With a flat rate of $129(for AppleCare+), or $11.99/month(Samsung Premium Care) you're covered for another year, but that coverage does not include Stolen or lost devices. In addition, although Accidental damage, like water damage or dropping your phone is covered, there is a replacement cost of $99 (for each claim).

Wireless Carrier plans, such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, just like the Device Manufacturer plans, add another year to the standard one-year warranty plan that already comes with the new device. Instead of the flat rate that AppleCare+ and Samsung Premium Care require, you pay monthly for these plans, meaning that you are allowed to opt out at anytime you'd like, but no refunds will be issued for services that were not utilized in previous months.

Two Year Coverage for iPhone 8

Two Year Coverage for Galaxy S8

Breakdown of Policies:

Verizon's Total Equipment Coverage:

• Lost, stolen, or damaged are covered.

• Must sign up within 30 days of phone purchase

AT&T's Mobile Insurance:

• Lost, stolen, or damaged are covered.

• You have to be claim-free for at least 6 months to be eligible for the $225 deductible price.

• Max of 2 claims per year.

Sprint's Total Equipment Protection:

• AppleCare+ services are part of their mobile insurance policy, so all benefits would be under AppleCare+.

T-Mobile's Premium Device Protection:

• Lost, stolen, or damaged are covered.

• For iPhone users who enroll also receive Lookout Mobile Security Premium

The Bottom Line: Do we recommend putting in that investment for mobile phone insurance?

We say no. Take that extra $300 and go on vacation. We think it’s a much better idea to pay for repairs when your phone breaks, rather than if your phone breaks. 

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